Make the Pakistan connection work for you. We promise quality knitwear products strictly in item at most competative prices, to your entire satisfaction.




We work with the following YARN which is also available in organic Cotton.

Production Facility



We produce many different type of knitted fabrics. As specialists in this field, we manufacture to the highest standards of quality and efficiency and constantly strive to maintain theses standards through our team of qualified inspectors and latest laboratory equipment in addition our Clients are invited to come and make quality-checks at every stage of production. This enables us to maintain total quality control to the satisfaction of our Clients.

1. 100% Cotton

2. 100% Polyester

3. Cotton / Poly

4. Cotton/Viscose

5. Cotton/Modal

6. Bamboo Fabrics

1. Single Jersey

2. Piques

3. Terry

4. Fleece

5. Herring Bone

6. Popcorn

7. Ottoman

8. Feeder Stripe

 9. Double Knitted Fabric

10. Rib

11. Interlock

All the fabrics an be made with or without elastane (Lycra). We have state of the art equipment to finish tubular as well as open width.

We deliver our quality products within specified and promised deadlines. Our organization is structured to be flexible to meet these deadlines.

The production at Galaxy Knitwear is carried out by state of the art knitting machines. These machines have been imported from Italy and Japan and range from 18 inches to 34 inches diameter. The Dyeing and Finishing is carried out on latest European machinery.

Thus, we have the ability and flexibility to produce knitted fabrics at various quality and design. We can and will respond effectively to any given requirement.